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My sister: shares someone's charting of their mental/emotional health as they eased away from social media.


Today’s project while the other adults were out Boxing Day Weekend Month Week shopping: finally setting up Pi-Hole. Now to see if anyone notices.

How do you say equidistant?

Was 2020 the last year of the decade or is it the first year of the decade?

Gotta love it when people use "definitely probably" as a performative

Love this website... it's the "scan" button on your car radio, but for podcasts

Forgot to check Instagram for 48 hours and missed nothing.

"But I’d posit that email has done such a good job at what it does, it doesn’t need to be unseated. "

Went to a therapist for the first time yesterday and it was a positive experience. Exploring various DSM-labellable angles, including depression, social anxiety, and Asperger's. So that's fun.

Weirdly enough, I feel like I have to thank @adam's openness to publicly discussing his Tourette's symptoms to helping me realise that (a) I'm not "normal" and (b) it wouldn't hurt seeing what professional help can be provided.

I guess this is a good a time as any to toot a creepy stalker Christmas carol

LEGO fail. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much with the Friends sets

While you plan your Christmas dessert options, just remember my grandfather's wise words: Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.

Current status: trying to figure out how to say that payment providers shouldn’t police their customers without sounding like I’m supporting the pornography industry

What's the best of the new(ly) Podcast Index-friendly podcatchers on Android?
I need to get the sister and her husband out of Spotify's "podcast" silo.

Generic property tax question: why do assessments have to happen so often? Why can't they just be done every 5 years, assuming no changes requiring a permit were made?

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