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I would love a massive Sankey diagram showing movement within different Christian groups and traditions.

St Albert Parish in St Albert, Alberta, at twilight, All Souls Day.

The question, "Does God care how we worship?" along with the fact that we're not even allowed to sing in church right now, brings up another question which would be interesting to ask and compare between different Christian traditions:

What even is the point of music in church?

Tech reviews should have a ranking on how hard it is to set up, on a scale of "anyone can do it" to "call the nerdy family member".

The Canon printer my mother-in-law got recently? I had to set it up.

Saying "we need a Christian alternative to Halloween" is the same as saying "we need a Christian alternative to Christmas"

There is no good excuse for listening to music at your normal desk location out of lousy laptop speakers.

Gotta love seeing @podcastindex mentioned in Transistor's latest email newsletter

I love discovering that a name is actually a diminutive, and wondering how it came to be. How in the world did we get Sascha from Alexandra?

It's so annoying when people try to argue for their choice by only explaining why one of the other options is not their choice.

There's something neat about hand-bound books... but those scissors are amazing

Does anyone know the source for this clip from today's show?
"Why is Biden attacking Trumo for listening to Dr. Fauci?"

Going through my mother’s phone for any good pictures from her visit.
There’s multiple videos with me complaining about the fact they are shot in portrait in the background.
I feel vindicated.

Am I right in remembering that someone made a debate bingo card generator?

Friends should not risk compromising their friendships for the (mediocre amount of) word of mouth they might get.

Thanks for attending my TED talk.

You know how sometimes, you get a whiff of a smell and it brings back memories of a certain person or event?

I've noticed that I get that effect when listening to music that I haven't heard in a while.

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