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Whelp, one of the best-value grocer chains here is mandating masks for everyone in their stores.

Meanwhile, the more expensive stores aren't doing/saying anything on the topic.

@adam "emotional support midwife" is a perfect explanation of what a doula does. My wife is one ( and she, like most, will provide constant one-on-one support for the duration of a woman's labour, while "real" medical staff come and go.

She's had a client back out because of the "one guest" rule, unsurprisingly.

I think this distinguishing (distinguishment?) of the difference between "beautiful" and "fashionable" great point to remember.

Fashion, not beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

The Death of Stalin might very well be my favourite historical film. I laughed, I cried, it moved me. 4/5 stars.

Thanks @Johncdvorak for the recommendation.

I was today years old when I realised that "acer" is a tree.

(Not actually today, but it was recent.)

Not sure if that's intentional but how long until Apple sues Acer? Or is Apple just suing fruits?

A great little documentary on cycling in the Netherlands and how the city of Utrecht is being very intentional in how they encourage it.

/via @ohryan

TFW YouTube recommends something from a channel I'm not subscribed to that I actually want to watch.

Time for your regularly scheduled reminder to listen to The Best Podcast in the Universe.

Yet another good rant from Brian

Don't Put All Your Hope In Authority

Watched Nolan's Batman trilogy over summer "vacation". I had forgotten how perfectly each film exists both on it's own and part of a series.

A great discussion on what's going on with the Vatican-China relationship, and as an aside, the Uyghurs. Good links in the shownotes too. (@ 48:05 if the timestamp doesn't work)

From Catholic News Agency, arguably one of the more level-headed (aka not promoting ideas schismatic or contrary to Church teaching) news sources on Catholic stuff, Catholic News Agency, and hosted by two of the editors.

/cc @adam

Our local big city library no longer carries the published collection of The Professor's writings, which they most definitely used to have (because that's how I first read them). Weird.

Decide for me, for once and for all:

What is the correct term for knockoff Birkenstock-style sandals?

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