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I want to build a survey/quiz thing that basically answers the question:

How willing are you to discuss/consider/believe "red pilled"/"dimension A" ideas and conspiracy theories?

Any ideas for questions? I don't want to ask things like "Who planned 9-11?" or "What's in contrails?" but more along the lines of "How likely are you to consider that x has influence over y?"

My dad just sent this in the family group conversation (2 of their generation, 5 of ours) and said it's "MUST - WATCH for all, it's all about Bill Gates / vaccine / covid"

Why he refuses to listen to the BPITU confuses me.

As western society has moved more and more secular and less and less Christian, we've replaced more and more holidays — holy days — that were for recognizing key moments and people in Church history with completely non-religious days.

Some of the holidays, like Christmas and St Valentine's Day, were gradually secularized but many just completely deleted. As that happened, people realized the benefits of special days and came up with substitutes.

I recently learned that in Liberian English, they call avocados butter pears, which is about the most perfect name ever.

Our town is called Legal (it's a French name, pronounced luhGAL).

I just learned that before the pharmacy joined the Pharmasave franchise brand, it was called Legal Drugs, which is even more perfect.

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Postal service in our town is done via PO boxes at a single post office, presumably assigned at random. (At least ours was a random pick from the available.)

But the pharmacy is Box 420. I can't help but think someone did that on purpose.

I keep catching myself signing off, in both verbal and written comms, with "stay safe. The virus is strong, y'all.

It only took forever but we can now prove our identities on No Agenda Social in Keybase, if you use that app.

"And then he rose from the dead? I can barely get out of bed for work."

TFW you call yourself a stickler for spelling but can't spell "country" right

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I'm being told it's "in" to post a personal bingo card so that people can see how well they match up with you.

Well, here goes...

Just remembered seeing a post saying "stop what you're doing and take a picture of your WFH setup" last night so here you go.

The odd time I listen to something on Spotify, I'm really annoyed by the amount of advertising for Gimlet. It's understandable, considering they own the product, but still. Makes me wonder how it would have burnt out Adam and John's collective spirit if they had done an exclusive deal with them.

For those wanting to try doing some fermentation while stuck at home but don't want to be like everyone else doing sourdough, try kombucha.

Oh, and for you No Agenders, we've got a "team" with 75 members that never ceases to disappoint.

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But it's not just about messaging, thanks to the pandemic. This is about replacing part of what's missing now that IRL socialization is limited, and I think Keybase is a good place to start.

Say hi:

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It has a better user experience on all devices than other privacy-minded systems, and has some great non-messaging features like file sharing to round things out.

Last year, I went through all the free secure messaging platforms I could find, and Keybase was one of the three "finalists":

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