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While on the topic, the Vatican really should release encyclicals and other documents with a more consumer-friendly license.

I've had Nessun Dorma stuck in my head all week and I'm totally okay with that.

I'm not the biggest Rogan fan, but when I know the guest, I tune in. Of course @adam's appearance is a must-listen!

What is the funniest/strangest/weirdest church name you've seen?

The fact that something this complex and intricate can be preformed live by a single person will never cease to amaze me. (The one time something recommended by YouTube's algo was 100% up my alley.)

Those of you tooting from iOS, what app are y'all using these days?

In the Monsters, Inc. world, they are taught that physical contact with humans is deadly, to the point that a government agency has a future-tech "decontamination" method to make sure an area is clean.

Later, we learn that contact with humans is not deadly.

Did the agency know this? If not, how did they test their decontamination system?

"If we’re honest with ourselves we should be able to recognize that our biggest steps forward in maturity and personal growth have almost always come through adversity." — Brian Holdsworth on why church isn't supposed to be fun

Ornithology question from my six-year-old: where do the small birds (chickadees and such) sleep during cold Alberta winters and how do they stay warm?

Sometimes I wish that the "greatest crossover of all time" meme was still a thing.

How long after finishing a work of fiction should one be allowed to read it again?

If cows could be shrunk down to the size of a cat, be treated like a pet, and produce at least 250 ml of milk per day, they would be popular among the countertop herb-garden people.

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