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Writing a "why (if you like Twitter's format) should join a Mastodon instance" blog post, so feel free to gimme your reasons and also suggested instances for different demog-groups.

Which Charlotte's Web film is objectively better?

In many ways, iOS 13 feels like a lame minor update (not to mention the bugs) but the improvements to Maps and CarPlay sure are nice, according to my wife.

What's the best free podcast player for iOS? Recently had to switch to iPhone and can't find anything as good as podcast addict which would let me listen live and also kept updated album art.

Oh man! I didn't know I could use Friends / Acquaintances / Relatives to buy things from other people!

Glad to see that @adam isn't the only person preaching against the religion of climate change

@voidzero Saw a few of your tweets re: Catholicism and was intrigued. Now I just finished #36 of the M&G show... It's cool to hear how you're searching!

I was raised Protestant (my dad was raised in the Gereformeerde kerk in 🇳🇱 and my mom in a Baptist church in 🇺🇸) and made the choice to become Catholic a few years ago. I share the story here:

Just thought I'd reach out and say if you've got any questions on the topic, I'm totally willing to (try to) answer them!

I should add: this is in addition to a private spreadsheet with which I track what I've read, what I want to read, and two overarching goals: a 10% increase in words read y/y, and a equal split of fiction and non-fiction.

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Started forcing myself to read more and spend less time on time-wasters in 2018, and decided just now to log everything publicly for kicks.

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