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In which I, along with help from @ohryan, argue that the crossover genre of drum and bass with brass bands is a great thing

> Receives an email with a link to a Canadian election voting guide, saying it's "formatted for sharing" and requesting that I share it with everyone relevant.

> Clicks link.

> It's a 5-page, 8.5"x11" PDF.

Where can one get a map of traditional place names (both specific locales and general areas) of the central Alberta, Canada area?

The latest episode of Pessimists Archive is a great discussion of e-scooters, how car-drivers can be kinda evil, and other forms of human transportation.

Handy quick calculator by @ohryan to figure out how much money you save and how much carbon dioxide you don't produce by commuting via bike instead of car:

For the last two months, I've been getting phone calls 1-2 times per week from random Boston phone numbers and it's starting to get annoying.

Today in interesting traffic features: the round-a-peanut!

Coordinates: 51.016158, -114.118122

Housefly season is really bad this year. On the upside, I had forgotten how good I am at shooting them with rubber bands.

In the end, if a kid at a school wants to read something the school doesn't have, it's not like they're going to have issues getting a copy of it.

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I would much rather have a school have a very small library of outstanding books that they would endorse each of than a collection of works that are "meh" or could potentially lead people the wrong way. It's not their job to be a library of everything.

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Good thing that school banned that series of books. Maybe it'll get kids to read a more diverse range of fiction. I never read them as a kid, not because my parents said they were bad, but because I was busy reading the books that I wanted, and not what everyone else was reading.

While my wife's sourdough is better than anything the breadmaker can produce, this is a good fallback

What's a good real-world (i.e. not something like VO2max or in a gym) measure of general fitness? Something that most adults would be able to do, and measuring performance, not achievement. (So not anything like "if you can run a marathon...")

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