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Where my Aussie friends at?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the iOS App Store’s “payment confirmed” sound effect is the single most gratifying interface sound ever.

Track of the day:

There's something about The Chats' storytelling that is quite addicting.

Anyone here on NA Social in 's-Hertogensbosch or have any student housing connections in the area?

I have LGY as a specific app's notification sound, and this week I've been working from my dad's home office. EVERY time it sounds (5+x/day) he chuckles.

Brian Holdsworth's latest, responding to the Pew report about people who call themselves Catholic not believing in one of the core teachings of the Church, is in my opinion, both one of the best responses to the topic and one of his best videos of late.

Pro tip: don't have your hold message say to every single caller, "Your call is a priority to us", because that would make all the calls have the same level of priority, therefore making the statement moot.

TFW people say "I just watched a YouTube about..."

@ChrisWilson So if you want to culturally appropriate the term for a "car park" in Northeast Wisconsin, you would call it a "ramp"

Yea, a ramp.. not a garage, not even a car park, but a ramp. A ramp in my mind is part of a garage, but here, just a ramp.

And have some cheese while you say it.

It shocks me how many people in jobs where "basic computer skills" would be a requirement can't type properly.

Patreon's usurpation of the word "patron" is really annoying.

Then again, I'm glad the word is becoming part of common lexicon again, as it's a good one.

Now that I've got a store, I guess I have to buzz-market my products...

Hey! Look at this shirt!

Just realized that my "defending Catholicism" bookmark folder has over 130 items

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