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Anti-choice drivel 

Is the speed and convenience at which you get food at the drive-thru a fair trade for the fact that a considerable portion of the cost of your food is going to the experience of the dine-in customers?

"The wifi code is "lowercase". That's it."

[shows slip of paper with "LOWERCASE" printed on it]

"It’s a strange idea that the only way to truly respect and honor women is to expect them to be more like men. That seems like your just honoring men and masculinity to me."

Tip for those of you who wish @Johncdvorak was more active on Masto: follow @THErealDVORAK_bot

A bug in my bank's mobile app cost me $90 in bank fees, and it took me two hours on the phone, being hung up on, and being locked out of online banking for them to give my money back. They refused to address the bug whatsoever.

Demonitization is not censorship, even though they can come hand-in-hand.

I'm not one to frequently share things like this but @[email protected] was a high school classmate of mine and fibromyalgia sounds absolutely horrible.

One year ago today was truly my first , as documents confirming my withdrawal of US citizenship arrived in the mail that day.

"Tap pay" as it currently exists, has "security features" that make it inconvenient. Here's some ways it could have more freedom while being simultaneously more secure.

On the topic of dead batteries, I'm impressed how long flashlights can last when your kid falls asleep with one turned on and shining in their face.

One of the silver linings of the cloud that is dog ownership is the silence and peace that comes with early morning walks and sunrises.

(Was going to post this while dog-walking at 0600 at @[email protected] but my phone died and I didn't get around to charging it and forgot.)

Time to go camping with a few thousand other Catholics at @[email protected] and avoid the internet until Monday.

I know nothing about hats.

I got a "flat-brim" "baseball cap" that has a sticker on the brim.

Do I take the sticker off or leave it on?

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