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What's the most cost-effective option for mowing 325 square metres of lawn?

If I don't get a good deal on a used lawnmower in the next two weeks, I'm going to need to buy something new.

"The burning of Notre Dame isn’t the symbol of what’s happened to the faith in the West. If anything, it’s a judgment on what’s happened to the faith in the West: The museum-ification of cathedrals." - @[email protected] via @[email protected]

I'm glad to see that Apple is keeping the "iPad nano" around, still.

If I could find a "dumb phone" that did personal hotspot mode, I'd consider doing that along with an iPod touch for my next phone.

Who did the best version of "The House of the Rising Sun"?

I don't understand why someone would wear an item of clothing that blatantly is advertising the brand of clothes when they could either get a plain version or one with some non-brand artwork.

The only good stuff on Facebook these days is screenshots from Twitter and listicles of Reddit comments

What's the worst objection to Catholicism you've seen?
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What’s the worst objection to Christianity you’ve seen?

3. Businesses should be held accountable for the environmental damage they do, *if* it can be proven they are doing damage.

2. If direct perpetrators (individuals, not governments, for example) and victims can be identified, then yeah, let's do it.

1. Punishable as murder, with the level of punishment and people punished variable based on the situation.

I usually find things like this dumb, but this is a list of topics that I wouldn't mind pondering my opinions of...

I keep coming across people with hundreds of thousands of followers who have no web presence at their own domain name, or nothing but a list of links to other platforms, and it deeply saddens me.

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