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Buy my shirt from and maybe I'll stop oversharing about it

ISP is dying, nothing I can do about it. They are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

Boost this for a chance to win a free Cotton Bureau tee of your choice (but you should pick mine)

This is the kind of ambition that will change the future.
Attn residents: did Canada Post drop off a useless yellowpages book that you don't want? Let me know and I will come and pick it up. I want to build a fort with them in my backyard.

pls RT so that I can build a fort that is bigger than my house.

🔥 Hot off the press: “Levi's List - I designed a shirt” (via

"All we get are glass and steal monstrosities that pollute our field of vision and go out of style within decades at great cost to either consumers or taxpayers."

@levisan give band nerds and inch and they'll take a house.

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