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And this, my friends, is why I love and will continue to troll people who won't communicate securely.
new Keybase blog post (2 in one

Trying to disprove Catholicism by saying the Bible teaches against it is stupid.

"Hey guys, let's compile a book of the core teachings of our tradition, along with some stuff that says we're wrong, and then reference it profusely at all our events."

Finally, my eccentric billionaire retirement plans are out of secrecy and in the r&d department.
In 2021, a massive helium-filled airship is expected to take flight over central China.

Production should start in 2022 and could result in dozens of giant ships -- each twice as long as a Boeing Co. 747 -- floating around the world 🌏

Someone once told me they had a black belt in procrastination.

I don't have one, because I never got around to doing the test to get it.

No Agenda producers on Keybase (the smallest niche ever), you'd better join our team

a) It really is the best
b) New job title
Internet goodguy @levisan encouraged me to check out @KeybaseIO chat again this week. I am *seriously* impressed!

Shocked myself to find that I have more published food-related articles than politics ones.

I've had Nessun Dorma stuck in my head all week and I'm totally okay with that.

Watching 1995's Balto with the kids, and it's really making me want a historically-accurate live-action film retelling of the story.

People with hyphenated last names thanks to your parents: what is your plan to do with your name if you get married? What about your future kids' names?

Someone fell asleep listening to the new album but trust me, it’s not boring. He just didn’t sleep half the night…

Real nerds celebrate on 22/7, for more accurate numbering and a reduction in marketing that stereotypes them.

Once Operation Buy-a-House, which is currently taking every spare penny, is a success, I really need to focus some value for value to @adam and @Johncdvorak and get around to becoming a knight. (@willcodeforcoffee every time you donate you make me feel guilty!)

If your only two size options are "large" and "medium", you should rethink your nomenclature.

Unless of course you're using sizes that are comparable to other options on the market.

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