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I'm very thankful for all the Protestants who've indulged me in conversations about what they believe.

The ones that call me Satan, then delete their comments and block me, and continue to post anti-Catholic things as if they're trying to evangelize Catholics... not so much.

Having just watched Aladdin (for the first time ever) this is very relevant

This month's podcast of the month in with and, where they read and discuss obscure Wikipedia articles and send you way too far down the rabbit hole.

How much would's rates have to go up if bulk mailouts were no longer offered, in order to cover the diminished revenue?

Being ready to capitalize on the events that our out of our control will make our descendants look back at WWIII, the great floods of the 21st century, or the invasion of the Martians in a more positive light.

For the first time ever, I told Siri “overcast” to open ⁦Overcast⁩, in the same way I do daily, and it gave me the weather forecast instead.

@adam My daughter was going around saying, "Who rules the world? Girls do!" and every time she said it, I corrected her. Now, when asked, she gives the correct reply.

While they don't drastically change the songs all that much, they do make for a very different listening experience than the original.

When Weezer's cover album came out, I had a couple conversations about how they were kinda unexciting reworks, because they didn't really add anything new.

Here's my favourite type of cover: brass bands doing techno.

“Yes, I can send you a screenshot. Should I mail it via express post or regular?”

"How the Netherlands learned to feed the world"

My dad is a veteran Dutch horticulture expert and my brother is currently at the best school in the Netherlands to follow in his footsteps.

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