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Not being able to pair multiple speakers/headphones at once is my biggest complaint

Great, sensible discussion of what happened and the reactionary politics since then.
If you think the kid from had an obnoxious smirk, wait till you see the yearbook photo I share in this video commentary.

You want limited government? Fine. Who's going to limit it?

This airport's runway goes across an international border. (It's the only one of the four US/Canada border-crossing airports that has a paved runway.)

The history of fake butter is unbelievable.

Get it? via

My family has decided, out of the blue, to stop doing group messages on a platform we all have and switch to one that everyone knows that I refuse to use.

My mom apparently sent a document on the new system that she “hopes everyone will read” but refuses to send it to me separately.

My sister won’t send me photos she took when I visited unless I sign up for the new system.

Being a stick in the mud is fun.

Perfect weather for the . Alberta winters may be cold, but we get to actually *see* more astronomical events!

Official group photo of the Edmonton No Agenda meetup crew from last night! 👌

This month's podcast recommendation is for anyone who cares about St Thomas Aquinas, philosophy, or Catholicism in general: with

When we apply artificial constructs on digital entities as if they were physical, I cringe.

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