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My favourite mobile carrier in Canada is Public Mobile, and if you sign up before 16 December, we'll both get $25 credit! (And referral credits aren't the only reason they're awesome.)

Here's their details: productioncommunity.publicmobi

Why you shouldn't buy a "smart" TV, even if you don't care about creepers listening in to everything you say in your house:

If I were pre-andpersand Latin, I'd get pretty hot & bothered about languages that had a single-glyph "and" word.

Growing up in Canada, with family in the States, we got twice in the year. Twice the turkey is something to be thankful for.

Here's a random picture of my grandparents down south from 25+ years ago, because I just stumbled across it.

Finished reading a very interesting book by Johann Hari as suggested by @adam. Anxiety and depression is a rather complex field of study!

I've been following along with the Catholic Church's liturgical readings for three years now, and I must say, the readings leading up to Advent are the best part of the year.

I'd be okay with Twitter not having an edit button, if they did the "delete and re-draft" functionality like Mastodon.

Read this in an Al Yankovic type of voice. (We had a late breakfast.)

Aloe seems to thrive in our basement suite despite the low light levels… going to have to split the big one in half soon

And yes, that keyboard is from a 15+ year old iMac 3G.

The box-thing the monitor is on is a speaker, facing backwards, in order to best balance with audio from the other speaker.

Rearranged my tiny desk and doubled open desk-space. Stacked displays seem much more intuitive to me anyhow.

Being able to turn off the display of a user’s boosts is a very underappreciated Mastodon feature

According to iOS’ screen time measurement, I’ve cut back my usage by 32%

The best thing is when people add multipliers in the form of adjectives to their baited oaths, like saying "bloody heck".

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