Good adjacent point here, we don't cite the early Church Fathers because we think they they were correct or because they have the same authority as Scripture, but because we're showing that they too shared our beliefs.

@Sir_Fromgar Now if that were the case, the price of vegan leather products would actually make sense

I really really really hate the term "vegan leather"

@commandlinekid I haven't heard anything bad about Signal, but Threema going open source would make it my favourite (best feature/usability/security combo) I think

This web-focused Dude Named Levi (who wears lots of Levi's clothing) could use some work and/or job karma.

More about what I do here:

Got my No Agenda buttons in the post and they are amaaaahhhzing. Get yours at!

The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate is my single favourite work of time travel fiction. It's nearly perfect!

@willcodeforcoffee @noagendashownoteslinks exactly!

(Just realised I said "tweets like this" so I guess I can be tarred and feathered now.)

@noagendashownoteslinks Sometimes, especially when I'm behind on the show, I'll see tweets like this and it gets me even more excited to listen in and see why it was in the shownotes.

Hey everybody...I think today is @levisan Birthday. I wrote it down πŸŽ‰ If I'm wrong this will be embarrassing...

@batcatdad One day I'll not have to work during the stream and can hang out in the troll room

The fact that people have denounced music that I listen to as devil-worship or worse entertains me greatly.

I always forget to 🐘 toot this because it auto-tweets so here you go.

πŸ”₯ Hot off the press: β€œLevi's List - Issue #12”

Unlike @Johncdvorak I'm not off of Twitter in the slightest. I still post, read my feed (customised to only show tweets from a select few, and no retweets), and interact.

But recently, I've been posting on the fedi, and then a week later, posting the same thing on the bird, and it's nice.

I'm undecided if the cost:benefit ratio of this is worth it for anything short of backpack/wilderness camping but it sure looks neat.

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