@Bedlambegats that would be fun, especially if there's questions that only long-time listeners would get!

@Bedlambegats I'm glad I'm not the only one who went to see if they could answer the questions

It’s the little things in life that bring the most joy.

Espresso shots
Stubby beer cans

Moonfall was a very enjoyable film. Thanks for the suggestion, @adam!

The most misleading thing about so much near-future sci-fi is how there's no service-silos, and zero explanation of how they go to that eutopic state. chriscoyier.net/2022/09/19/its

@UpTooLate24x7 you had better not send that text unannounced. I need an email to say you'll text to figure out a time to call 😆

Society initially gave phones permission to interrupt because there was no way to do it different, other than having a secretary to screen calls. Now we have ways to confirm that the other party actually wants to talk now, so we should use them.


You: double u double u double u dot

Me, an intellectual: hextuple u dot

TIL that here in Alberta, Canada, the health records have two sex/gender fields, presumably with one being based on physical characteristics and the other being a chosen one.

In case anyone needed a reminder, "ass" means donkey, "arse" means buttocks.

There are bound to be people who don't want streets to be safe enough for their kids to bike on because they don't want to give their kids the autonomy.

When I was in school we were taught:

Serif body text is easier to read on paper, sans is easier on a screen.

Does that still hold up in this age of "retina" displays?

News stories about people winning lotteries weird me out.

They didn’t do anything special, it publicly labels a newly-wealthy (potentially easy targets for theft or swindling), it encourages more of the lamest form (IMO) of gambling, and feels more like advertising than anything else.

That being said, I wouldn’t complain about a “XYZ Charity Lottery Collects Gazillion Dollars for Hospitals” story, maybe mentioning the winners off-handedly.

Considering the distain our family has for salad, there are too many salad dressing options in the fridge

Most drinks that used to be something tea/cocktail based and are now available ready-to-drink in your local supermarket are lame shadows of their former selves.

Once, someone told me that I lived under a rock because I didn't know a certain pop-culture reference.

Nay, I say. We all live under different rocks.

In the weeks after my last child was born, I didn't have parental leave because I was my own boss. Had an appointment with our midwife, whom we were lucky to get because they're in short supply (because of lack of funding from the system), bought groceries at an understocked store, and walked through a residential neighbourhood with no sidewalks to a playground clearly showing it's age. Our experiences vary in "communist Canada".

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