"How the Netherlands learned to feed the world"

My dad is a veteran Dutch horticulture expert and my brother is currently at the best school in the Netherlands to follow in his footsteps.


@dcgirl yeah, things sure have changed! He’s our second born at home in a big inflatable birthing tub, which really weirds the older generation out.

@AtlasFreeman if I were you, I’d create an IFTTT recipe that sends you a daily or weekly digest of a user’s Tweets

A relevant thread while everyone is either complaining about the Amber Alert waking them up, or complaining that people are complaining that the Amber Alert woke them up:
RT @Levisan@twitter.com
A lot of people are saying the should be able to override a phone's silent mode. I somewhat disagree.

My wife told me she didn't get me a physical St Valentine's Day gift, but that I should listen to @adam and @Johncdvorak read the donation segment on today's show instead...

Niche product idea: portable cassette tape player with Bluetooth output

Why is it always Saskatchewan residents, like Messrs. Assman and Grabher, that make custom plate news? Is it just the rules that are different, or the gall of the residents?

@methos I don't even know... I think it's for the purpose of search engine indexing

If I were to design a platform with a character limit a la Twitter, punctuation wouldn't be counted. Forgoing an apostrophe for the sake of a tweet is really disheartening.

Is it wrong to brag that it's been 26 hours and he still hasn't cried?

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