@commandlinekid yes, and it wouldn’t hurt!
JCD: "Bernier is a No Agenda guy. In other words he's accused of being a bigot"
AC: "So he has no chance"

Oh man! I didn't know I could use Friends / Acquaintances / Relatives to buy things from other people!

Glad to see that @adam isn't the only person preaching against the religion of climate change hursh.ca/2019/09/climate-actio

@grocerybag I love it when people specifically recommend the audiobook version... making a note of that!

@voidzero Saw a few of your tweets re: Catholicism and was intrigued. Now I just finished #36 of the M&G show... It's cool to hear how you're searching!

I was raised Protestant (my dad was raised in the Gereformeerde kerk in 🇳🇱 and my mom in a Baptist church in 🇺🇸) and made the choice to become Catholic a few years ago. I share the story here: levisan.me/blog/logical-journe

Just thought I'd reach out and say if you've got any questions on the topic, I'm totally willing to (try to) answer them!

@grocerybag Sounds interesting! Adding it to the to-read list.

I should add: this is in addition to a private spreadsheet with which I track what I've read, what I want to read, and two overarching goals: a 10% increase in words read y/y, and a equal split of fiction and non-fiction.

@chris Sadly, no. I just made a point to change the recipient address of each newsletter that arrived in my normal inbox

@chris I recently discovered it thanks to @ohryan and have moved all my newsletter-reading there. It sure helps to keep distractions out of the work day!

Started forcing myself to read more and spend less time on time-wasters in 2018, and decided just now to log everything publicly for kicks. goodreads.com/user/show/734634

For those of you who have to go to twitter.com to check something every once in a while, this browser extension cleans things up a good deal twang.dev/minimal-twitter/

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