@Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak I get why they do it, but I would wager that cheap self-serve fountain drinks and free refills would have a net benefit versus this

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

What is your favourite non-vulgar pejorative that one could use for you?

@bjbroderick me too, but now that their jab isn’t good enough, they are worried they’ll get something from us

I really wish the vaccinated would just LET ME DIE FFS!

@MrsShill thankfully, even though everyone is talking about her here too, the news is somewhat diluted by the first transgender Olympian being Canadian

@levisan when they remastered all The Beatles albums in 2000-whatever, they turned the mono recordings into stereo. Randomly moving parts between left and right chanel as was clearly not intended in the original recordings.

They also only released mono remasters in limited edition, meaning everything now is the stereo remake whether you like it or not.

(It works with NA Social. Thankfully being quadroons or whatever hasn’t got us banned from the app.)

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I disagree: it is not a (single) decentralised social network, it is a collection of social networks that can talk to each other

If you think it's okay to listen to music in mono, you're doing it wrong.

There's something that I find really interesting about the fact that the town I live in (by choice) takes up the same area as West Edmonton Mall and it's surrounding parking lots.

Hear ye, hear ye, No Agenda producers and like-minded slaves from the Edmonton area! Mark your calendars for 14 August.


Anyone know which of the jabs has the lowest co2 footprint? I'm waiting for that data before I decide.

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