@m00se That was my first thought when I heard about it, gotta find out if we're still quadroons

So this was trending so I looked it up. Yay for being blocked.

"They are already on everybody's block list because of the cross-platform harassment of @CreatrixTiara in the early days of Mastodon, but they also are into conspiracy theories which are low-key anti-Semitic. Their podcast is also doing covid conspiracies."


The Bilinda Gates divorce really is going to be the distraction of the month, isn't it?

@Johncdvorak For the same reason we a two dollarette coin. Sacrificing efficiency in handling money, giving change and such, for the benefit of efficiency in wallet space. That's my theory at least.

@Sabex @HiroProtagonist So it plays through a side, then advances to the next tape on it's own?

@coldacid the "health officials" are the worst part of it. Sources close to the matter tell me our health leader has been pushing for 0 church attendance since day 1.

This was a great bait-and-switch, using fantasy fiction to explain the idea of technopoly.


@Sir_Thomas_of_Great_Bay We had an illegal rodeo that wasn't stopped last week, and now these restrictions... it feels like we're getting to a tipping point. Either they're going to start cracking down or the people are going to start rebelling majorly.

@mpjgregoire I think that schools, in a way, have been given a "free pass" because of how "essential" they are so parents can work, etc. I don't know what the result of having all kids home will be for working parents, but at least for the sake of not transmitting anything, it makes sense.

@Laconicif Florida is a figment of our imagination? I don’t know

@mpjgregoire That might be one of my favourite scenes in all of film. Maybe that's why the whole optical telegraph idea seems so cool.

@willcodeforcoffee he’s out in Manitoba. Been in the hospital the latter half of this week and getting it removed tomorrow. Though he does say it could be a preexistent issue from the before the shot… who knows

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