@ChrisWilson @Brianoflondon this would be a great coffee table feature.

"Oh! You've read Peterson? What did you think about rule numb—oh, never mind. I think I have another appointment."

I'm late to the game here, but Firefox's "new" picture-in-picture pop-out video player is a great feature.

@TurdFerguson because it’s an obvious plea to those mentioned accounts for some interaction.

That account tweets like that frequently, it appears, and never gets interaction, either from the accounts he tags or others.

@coldacid ⭐️ed this from my phone but yes, I do agree. It’s a hard transition to make.

@mudgeelight while I’ve never really thought about it that way, you are totally right. Maybe one of the most common arguments used, at its core.

@Brianwarden fewer and fewer in my circles do at least, but more and more of “the normal people” are finally moving to Twitter from Instabook and Facegram. (I do try to have them just jump to the fediverse when I can.)

Don't use the "retweet with comment" functionality to "reply" for the intent of brigading your own followers against the person you are replying to. (There's a fine line here.)

I am "this close" to doing a "how to not use Twitter" thread.

brb making a pitch drop with marshmallow fluff

If you ever have a post "blow up" or "go viral" don't follow it up with a "oh I didn't expect this thank you thank you go follow this or donate to something for me"

According to my mother, who's visiting friends in Liberia currently, the Liberian pidgin English has many similarities to how we're all droppin the "t", just worse and droppin way more consonants

@harvhat I guess they don't "in the wild" but I was wondering what the "no wind" scenario would be, as a benchmark (and if I were to stand in a rather secluded, wind-free point on my property)

Why can't I find a "frostbite time" calculator/chart that includes situations with no wind? Am I understanding the concept of frostbite incorrectly?

@Klaatu I keep wondering: what if, instead of cameras that stick out of the phone’s casing so it can’t lay flat, why not make the phone .5 mm thicker and fill that new space with battery?

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