@black6_ Exactly!

My theory: they wanted it to be a choice between two options, not three, "because the sheeple are dumb".

I hope this leads to a follow-up question asking about permanent standard time.

The current DST debate in Alberta is the perfect framing of politics.

For many (those with my opinion on the topic), we got the dilemma of voting to stay the same (and bad) and hope for future change or vote for (imperfect) change and hope more change comes in the future.

@Kaiserhase tis a good point, though of course it all depends on how often they scrape the site

"A blog post is one copy of your writing on a server. If you change your mind, you can update it (or remove it).

Email newsletters are different; more dangerous."


@GVRon we need more right-minded people up here, even if it is getting dystopian

Gotta love it when people publicly state they don't want to be friends with people with certain opinions, so you don't have to have that awkward conversation where your friend finds out you have said opinions.

@mike I’m running the latest non-beta versions of macOS and iOS on current hardware and it hasn’t happened to me… yet

Ska is one of those musical genres has had its heyday, and had it before I started choosing what to listen to, and is now mostly unpopular, but I really do enjoy it upon occasion.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@Aeron yeah, I find it quite interesting. My dad’s been living in English-speaking places for 35 years and he still comments about how English speakers will call him by his dad’s name

Random fact: my dad and his father have different first names (Peter and Pieter) but when translated to English, they have the same name. Not sure how Dutch got two versions.

The visibility features on Mastodon don’t get enough credit. Being able to reply to someone’s post and set it such that only they can see it is pretty rad.

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