@Draven Are you saying mayo instead of butter on the outside? Because that's what my wife does and it truly is great.

@JoshP Ketchup should be banned for anyone over the age of 6

@GettingCooked presentation and the right temperature are everything. I can't speak for the latter but it sure looks classy.

Cuisine-based cultural appropriation is the best kind

@progo Exactly what I'm wondering. Tonight's experiment is blocking what I'm sure it doesn't need (why it's pinging amazon in the dead of night is a good question) and see what happens.

@SirRoadwolf for those of us in Canada, I've found the best thing is to have friendly contact with others outside our borders so we can see how not-good stuff is here

@monerica our priest was wearing two last Sunday.

"I wear an extra one to make up for the people who can't wear one."

Some couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

@Therealdcgirl My wife, though she'd qualify, gives up her place in line for the benefit of those in greater need

@Lennoxxreverb I miss the days of doing things like this but less intense before band class. My favourite was a trombone mouthpiece on a tenor sax

"I give you [stiff] Bernie Sanders."

'Twas nice of Mr Sanders to drop by for the family photo shoot.

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