How much should I offer the kid across the street to keep my sidewalk (not driveway) clear while we're away at family?

And should I pay per day or per snowfall (and trust he accurately counts them)?

@arjonnyp @coldacid hopefully the "independent" team is independent enough to not reinvent anything

@progo @coldacid If reading with the most hopeful light, Twitter's getting on the Fediverse. If reading in the opposite way, Twitter's building its own federate-able social media platform. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Either way, shareholders will probably be happy with the fact that something was announced.

@coldacid one can hope!

I guess I have to start thinking which profile I want to be "me" and which one to point in the direction of the other...

@wolfspider yeah, exactly! I would love having a sortable table of everyone I follow on a platform.

@harvhat Yeah. With complete access to the database, one could calculate number of interactions sent per day or interactions per post for each person you follow, and then remove the people that you didn’t realize you didn’t care about, but they don’t want you to use their service less!

I wish social media sites had a "You follow these people but rarely interact with them" function

@progo I think you're right on the money with the idea of limiting production. That and putting some of the onus on the customers who don't want accessible porn (or whatever type of content might be questionable).
The cost/benefit of finding+penalizing producers would be much more effective than some dreamy Big Data solution.

@wdelaet I don’t want to know what the “less frequent but high dosage” version of porn would be

@PhoneBoy that’s a good point! When I read the horror stories of people training filtration algos or doing manual filtering and the mental toil they go through… it’s scary.

@ReadyKilowatt @wdelaet Yeah, exactly. I don’t think people realize how hard and expensive it would be to do a reasonably good job of banning it, nor effects of making it illegal, like in the Prohibition era.

I don't have a reasonable solution, if banning pornography from the internet is to be a thing, but even my minor-league dude named ben status tells me that it ain't gonna be easy.

The three "solutions" posited in this article, for example, seem to not have the slightest idea of how hard it will be.

I worry that, like piracy, the end result will be "capture a tiny few few; punish them rather harshly and hope that it teaches the other lawbreakers" and I don't want it to end that way at all.

In the last few days, I've seen a lot on the bird site about the idea to . While I'm morally against pornography and not yet convinced either way that banning it or not would be best, it seems that many underestimate how hard it would be to achieve.
I see people saying things like "oh yeah, we'd get the ISPs to use AI to block porn". I have yet to see someone who thinks they've got the solution actually present a viable way to do it. It's like that "1. idea 2. ? 3. ? 4. Profit" meme.

@HiroProtagonist @OVDB Man, if we're saying that plants that don't self-pollinate aren't vegan, that'll make things a challenge and a half

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