If I had to pick just one album of Christmas music, it would be this (and specifically the first half) open.spotify.com/album/1zwkDZh

Pro baby-naming tip: make sure the name is relatively unique, especially they'll have a common last name, for branding purposes

@adam @OVDB I wonder what the cats think of the species appropriation

It's interesting seeing how my opinions have changed in the last two and a half years levisan.me/blog/if-i-ruled-the

@monerica I think this is a good idea for small-l libertarians as well, as they wouldn’t have to explain that they are libertarian but not Libertarian.

@adam It's not *that* cold here... but yeah, it's cold. We just stay inside for six months out of year if we're not playing hockey.

If it were my suggestion, coming to visit in the summer might be more enjoyable.

I really should have the cover of Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey as a poster to look at when I first get up in the morning.

Last chance! Help out my bud Dennis and his band put together what is going to be a great americana album: kickstarter.com/projects/17458

Facebook is basically becoming the yellow pages of the 21st century, and slowly crowding out its white-pages-ness.

@lizzymoda And the Wikip has decided that she isn't a transgender and therefore doesn't get the new pronouns. I'm offended and shocked. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Bar

Time's Person of the Year is a joke these days, but it's fun getting to hear all the journos trying to say خاشقجي/Khashoggi again.

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