@George This reminds me I need to work on getting Brian to join Mastodon

If skip the dishes just included someone who'd arrive 45 minutes after food delivery to actually do the cleanup for you...

@trekrich That's what happens when you live in the great, white, unpopulated north!

There's a sweet spot, when holding a controversial opinion, where you're old enough to not be written off as "young and inexperienced" and young enough to not be written off as a crackpot... what is it? 30s? 50s?

@coldacid You are even more cool than myself and my "antique" iPhone 5s

Reminder: Public Mobile is the best Canadian mobile carrier.

Also, I don't get out much.

Gotta love how all the (Canadian) moms in my social media feeds are freaking out about the @FisherPrice@twitter.com recall on a line of infant products, when the recall isn't applicable to Canadians. I guess Canadian babies are better at not dying or something.

It's the day after a major election here and so many people are crying that the mob-rule has changed its tone since the last election. It's great.

In light of the fire, reading about the 1905 French law on the separation of church and state is, well, interesting. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1905_Fre

@AtlasFreeman They're currently running on investor's money (and not doing ads or garbage like that). They have talked about ways they can/will add premium features (like more file storage space) and ways they can sell a more business-focused featureset. Because everything is encrypted end-to-end, there's a lot less data that could be sold compared to FB, for example. It isn't decentralized (and I'm trying to find something they posted with some of the reasoning behind that).

@AtlasFreeman Keybase is a lot of things, but the core concept is around the idea that there's multiple "proofs" (those being signed statements on other platforms) that you are who your profile says you are. If one looks at my profile (keybase.io/levisan) they can be confident that the various things associated with me are in fact me and vice versa. Building on that, there's file sharing, chat, group chat (like Slack) git, Stellar Lumens crypto-$, all fully encrypted.

I love the days leading up to a major election... the friendships ruined, the bridges burned, the relationships dashed upon the rocks... it's great.

"I beg your pardon" and "pardon me" are such interesting phrases.

If you're tweeting "Like for __, RT for ___" unironically, you're doing it wrong.

@PhoneBoy nice! I nearly bought a car that had a tape deck a few years ago and I definitely got me on a kick of coming up with the perfect 45 minute mix for different moods

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