@mwklein I really don't mind the "last throes of winter", especially since we usually have snow on the grown mid Oct-mid Mar, but the 10 cm now on top of the 10 cm of icey half-melted snow means my first time exercising outside (biking) is not happening for another week or two instead of today.

@SirSpencer Seeing lots of stories of this type in the last few days. Most have been from places where it would be more common to not drive to the store.
Meanwhile here in car-culture, my wife got a stern lecturing from a woman who claimed she called the cops on my wife for leaving the kids in the car for 10 minutes to run into a shop. (The kids were perfectly behaved and didn't have any issues, of course.)

@JoshuaRystedt is she freezing individual serving sizes? Or what is the purpose of the muffin tin?

@commandlinekid I now have a 2.5 gallon thing with a tap (made for dispensing drinks at a party I suppose), and every other day I'll bottle 1.5 litres and replentish that amount. That way, it only takes few minutes, and I never run out of either drinks or bottles.
I probably drink about 500 ml per day, with my kids drinking a bit as well.

For those wanting to try doing some fermentation while stuck at home but don't want to be like everyone else doing sourdough, try kombucha. levisan.me/blog/kombucha

@coldacid YUP

I really do wonder what he would write on a personal blog-type publication during events like this.

@SirSpencer haha that’s the price our gas pumps were showing a few weeks ago, but I’m Canadian dollarettes per litre! (Now it’s around 50 cents/litre and is the cheapest in the country.)

@George it might be the only truly funny joke I’ve come up with, but it never fails to get some laughs!

@George our dog (50% black lab) has similar “clerical” colouring… but she’s female. We say she’s Anglican.

@progo based on the title alone I think I shall very much enjoy this, even if I already agree. Anything to help me defend my own opinions is useful!

@SirSpencer this is a perfect example of “creativity within close boundaries”. Amaaaaahzing.

@Yhinooma No, it didn't! I'll have to give it a try and add it to the list. It looks promising!

@harvhat The file sharing stuff sure is handy. I like how easy it is to throw something up for public access via keybase.pub/

@MarkInNY It's better, I say.

- No forcing you to use a phone number
- Better cross-platform-ness (everything can be done on both mobile and desktop, and no requirement to have either)
- More "other" features that Signal doesn't have (Slack-like "teams", file sharing, git hosting, various crypto tools)

It is a bit more geeky for the average joe to figure out, but once set up it's no harder to use.

@harvhat it's definitely improved on the geekyness thankfully, but yeah, that's the biggest issue I have with it

@MarkInNY Nothing other than happy user since very early on (signed up before they had a chat platform and it was just an encryption tool)

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