I know nothing about hats.

I got a "flat-brim" "baseball cap" that has a sticker on the brim.

Do I take the sticker off or leave it on?

@Kymberly I'm with you on that. Surprises in the mail, even if you were one who ordered it, are the best! (As long as it's not a white powder or a bomb, of course.)

When I have spare time and not doing something with the family, I'm brewing kombucha, shooting photos with cameras that don't have batteries, practising my voice-acting skills, or reading a book.

I'm a "solopreneur" (as much as I dislike that term) and spend my work days building websites, producing various forms of digital media, and consulting in related fields.

You can pronounce my last name with English rules which sounds like my forefathers ran a dog-breeding business, or the correct way with Dutch rules, 'Bray-der-lawnd, which means "wider land".

My predominant cultural heritage is Dutch, and I try to keep some of that sticking around. I have a decent understanding of the Dutch language and continue to improve it.

My political affiliations are somewhat uncommon for the various demographics that apply to me, and I have a hard time labelling them in a few hundred characters.

In 2018, my wife and I both converted to Catholicism, having been affiliated with various Protestant churches since birth. (More on that here: levisan.me/blog/logical-journe)

I got married in 2013 and we currently have two girls and a boy, plus an annoying dog.

I was born and raised near Vancouver, BC, Canada and moved to the Edmonton, Alberta area when I got married. We now live in a small town of 1,500, 45 minutes north of Edmonton.

An "about me" thread because the bio field is too short.

In which @THErealDVORAK@twitter.com interviews Anthony Scaramucci and Cliff Stoll, who are both very interesting characters!

@jeremiah @nerthos I have learned a lot today and it's totally not a usual interest of mine but I'm still reading articles now

Gotta love seeing YouTube comments from other active channels (and it's even better when the comments from another channel you watch).

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