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Oh man! I didn't know I could use Friends / Acquaintances / Relatives to buy things from other people!

LinkedIn suggesting that I follow their CEO on their platform hearkens back to a certain friend named Tom.

Today in interesting traffic features: the round-a-peanut!

Coordinates: 51.016158, -114.118122

‪Last night, I finished reading what has easily placed itself in the top five novels I have ever read. If you enjoy alt-history fiction, religious historical fiction, or close encounter of the fifth kind sci-fi, this book is for you!‬

One year ago today was truly my first , as documents confirming my withdrawal of US citizenship arrived in the mail that day.

On the topic of dead batteries, I'm impressed how long flashlights can last when your kid falls asleep with one turned on and shining in their face.

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One of the silver linings of the cloud that is dog ownership is the silence and peace that comes with early morning walks and sunrises.

(Was going to post this while dog-walking at 0600 at @[email protected] but my phone died and I didn't get around to charging it and forgot.)

Gotta love seeing YouTube comments from other active channels (and it's even better when the comments from another channel you watch).

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