Our local Canada Post branch is cashless now.

Not sure if that’s even legal. Seems like it shouldn’t be, especially for a government-run thing.

"I do podcasts"
- boring
- everyone does that
- nice little hobby

"I'm a knight of the No Agenda roundtable"
- mysterious
- ominous
- maybe you have a sword
- and some hookers and blow

Interesting to compare the results with the same poll on Twitter

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It's been nearly three decades since this Calvin and Hobbes strip was in newspapers and it's still accurate.

‪I have been very much looking forward to spending Advent/Christmas reading this

My brother (in 🇳🇱) sent me this picture of a plug on the wall in his new apartment. What is it called? What does it do?

‪Found some badges from my days in Scouts at around the turn of the century. I do really wonder how good my Dutch had to be to get this one as I can barely say I speak Dutch now, let alone as a pre-teen. ‬

I done made a gif that encompasses both my faith and my political opinions (albeit imperfectly on both fronts)

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