This web-focused Dude Named Levi (who wears lots of Levi's clothing) could use some work and/or job karma.

More about what I do here:

Got my No Agenda buttons in the post and they are amaaaahhhzing. Get yours at!

In case you weren't aware, it's election season in the US. (When is it not election season?)

Show your support for the No Agenda Show and get people asking who @adam and @Johncdvorak are with this shirt.

Whelp, one of the best-value grocer chains here is mandating masks for everyone in their stores.

Meanwhile, the more expensive stores aren't doing/saying anything on the topic.

Our local big city library no longer carries the published collection of The Professor's writings, which they most definitely used to have (because that's how I first read them). Weird.

I don't frequently take pictures of plumbing connectors, but when I do, they are about as noir as one could get.

(No edits save for knocking it into greyscale.)

Discovered while looking for a good way to make fun of someone using gematria to "prove" someone was evil and well, my work here is done. #33

My wife asked my 6 and 3 year old daughters some questions about me.

We don’t actually eat mac and cheese all that often and I’m totally fine with them thinking I’m 5 years older than I am.

Our formula is this: we go out, we hit our mothers in the mouth.

Personality tests are so much more beneficial when you can compare yourself to others.

The adults of my family recently did the "5 love languages" test and it was interesting to compare and contrast between each other.

I'm being told it's "in" to post a personal bingo card so that people can see how well they match up with you.

Well, here goes...

Just remembered seeing a post saying "stop what you're doing and take a picture of your WFH setup" last night so here you go.

Our local Canada Post branch is cashless now.

Not sure if that’s even legal. Seems like it shouldn’t be, especially for a government-run thing.

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