One year ago today was truly my first , as documents confirming my withdrawal of US citizenship arrived in the mail that day.

On the topic of dead batteries, I'm impressed how long flashlights can last when your kid falls asleep with one turned on and shining in their face.

One of the silver linings of the cloud that is dog ownership is the silence and peace that comes with early morning walks and sunrises.

(Was going to post this while dog-walking at 0600 at @[email protected] but my phone died and I didn't get around to charging it and forgot.)

Gotta love seeing YouTube comments from other active channels (and it's even better when the comments from another channel you watch).

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it weird that none of our wireless headphone setups allowed for multiple participants.

I usually find things like this dumb, but this is a list of topics that I wouldn't mind pondering my opinions of...

My cousin and friends in the news for growing sweet potatoes in 🇳🇱
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Lekker hoor, die zoete aardappel. Maar waarom verbouwen we die niet zelf? Dat dachten boer Remco en Johan op Voorne Putten, dus zijn ze vorig jaar ism @DeProefschuur met succes een proef gestart. En nu rollen ze het uit in Zuidland met 15.000 plantjes. @RTV_Rijnmond

This is the kind of ambition that will change the future.
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Attn residents: did Canada Post drop off a useless yellowpages book that you don't want? Let me know and I will come and pick it up. I want to build a fort with them in my backyard.

pls RT so that I can build a fort that is bigger than my house.

Reminder: Public Mobile is the best Canadian mobile carrier.

Also, I don't get out much.

Gotta love when you forget when closing time is, show up an hour after closing time, and they’re still in the shop and’ll sell you a bottle. Gotta love small, local businesses.

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Shop’s Open and we’ve got Blizzard of Oz White IPA on tap!
FRI 3-7
SAT 12-6
🍺⚡️ON TAP:
-Fort Hill Pilsner 5%
-Blizzard of Oz White IPA 7%
-Electric Boogaloo IPA 6.5%
-Swap the Hops Pale Ale 5%…

And this, my friends, is why I love @[email protected] and will continue to troll people who won't communicate securely.
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new Keybase blog post (2 in one [email protected]

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