Reminder: Public Mobile is the best Canadian mobile carrier.

Also, I don't get out much.

Gotta love when you forget when closing time is, show up an hour after closing time, and they’re still in the shop and’ll sell you a bottle. Gotta love small, local businesses.

Shop’s Open and we’ve got Blizzard of Oz White IPA on tap!
FRI 3-7
SAT 12-6
🍺⚡️ON TAP:
-Fort Hill Pilsner 5%
-Blizzard of Oz White IPA 7%
-Electric Boogaloo IPA 6.5%
-Swap the Hops Pale Ale 5%…

And this, my friends, is why I love and will continue to troll people who won't communicate securely.
new Keybase blog post (2 in one

Finally, my eccentric billionaire retirement plans are out of secrecy and in the r&d department.
In 2021, a massive helium-filled airship is expected to take flight over central China.

Production should start in 2022 and could result in dozens of giant ships -- each twice as long as a Boeing Co. 747 -- floating around the world 🌏

Someone fell asleep listening to the new album but trust me, it’s not boring. He just didn’t sleep half the night…

I must say is the best kind of person because no one else would give a prized possession such as this.

Can employees even English capitalize?

Also, three phone calls, each time answered and correctly reported the verification code to have it unwittingly rejected, is "too many"

The nice thing about it being so stupidly cold this time is I don’t have to fight for freezer space to frost a glass, I just step in to my walk-in (-out?) freezer.

For the first time ever, I told Siri “overcast” to open ⁦Overcast⁩, in the same way I do daily, and it gave me the weather forecast instead.

“Yes, I can send you a screenshot. Should I mail it via express post or regular?”

Want to build good houses? Look at the Dutch.
So how do we build dense cities that can function with less electricity, or even off-grid? Here a Dutch street, mid-18th century, let's look at it in detail.

Thread about the childhood home of Adriaan Boeyens, who became Pope Adrian VI, the only Dutch pope:

The house were Adriaan Florensz Boeyens (1459-1523) was born in Utrecht. Youngest of four boys, son of a carpenter, the house belonged to his grandfather, a near perfect brick building with a beautiful dutch gable. The engraving is from the 18th c. Crowned Pope Adrian VI in 1522.

Not being able to pair multiple speakers/headphones at once is my biggest complaint

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