The current DST debate in Alberta is the perfect framing of politics.

For many (those with my opinion on the topic), we got the dilemma of voting to stay the same (and bad) and hope for future change or vote for (imperfect) change and hope more change comes in the future.

@SirBemrose I enjoyed your ranting about the power adapter stuff.

Just got an iPhone 13 mini. There's totally enough space in the tinier box, if the padding was rearranged somewhat, to fit this 20W USB-C charger from Twelve South, so I don't know what Apple is whining about when it comes to shipping size.

I get the argument about not selling people something they already have. IMO stores should sell the charger for $5 or something with the purchase of a phone for the first-time phone buyers.

Political parties are exempt from the anti-spam rules here and it's getting annoying.

Basically the only project I saved from school 10 years ago

I've always liked the simplicity of the No Name brand. (For the non-Canadians, it's a supermarket store brand from one of the largest chains here.)

When they started doing social media marketing and really embracing the branding on all levels, to the point that they made fun of themselves, I enjoyed it.

But I'm not going to pay money to help them advertise themselves, as funny as it is.

Dutch speakers, why is “United” translated differently for 🇺🇸 versus 🇬🇧?

I disagree: it is not a (single) decentralised social network, it is a collection of social networks that can talk to each other

Just learned about McDonalds pizza... 33 is the magic number.

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