"I give you [stiff] Bernie Sanders."

'Twas nice of Mr Sanders to drop by for the family photo shoot.

One of the kings of libertarian memedom has got his tweeter account suspended

How much do I have to pay my therapist to not send emails like this?

My sister: shares someone's charting of their mental/emotional health as they eased away from social media.


LEGO fail. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much with the Friends sets

What did the packaging of the last computer you bought look like?

Doing some cartography for the kids. Now I’m almost as cool as @SirMathieu

A great anecdote from @adam on why fixed pricing on digital goods can cause you to devalue the product.

I made a little Buzzfeed-style quiz a while ago, measuring how well one aligns with the ideals of "trad" Catholicism... and it looks like someone finally noticed. And a good number of haters too.

Is this what popularity feels like?


I’m not a big age landmark person because it’s mostly arbitrary but she’s magic number days old today so that’s toot-worthy.

TIL I (or someone acting in my name) could, as a former US citizen, participate in voter fraud

St Albert Parish in St Albert, Alberta, at twilight, All Souls Day.

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