Society initially gave phones permission to interrupt because there was no way to do it different, other than having a secretary to screen calls. Now we have ways to confirm that the other party actually wants to talk now, so we should use them.

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Dumbest shit I've ever heard. If they wont want to talk, just don't answer.

@DrChris I agree. I believe in a post card, prior to a formal letter indicating my pending text, then a text, before I call their voicemail. @levisan

@DrChris right!! Lol. Just don’t answer, they will get the hint


My SMS: "Hello, this is UpTooLate, what would be a good time to send you a text so I can find out when would be a good time to message you to set up a time to look at our schedules so I can schedule a time to give you a phone calll?"

@UpTooLate24x7 you had better not send that text unannounced. I need an email to say you'll text to figure out a time to call 😆


Caller ID is a thing - use it. If you are in my contact list I will pick it up. If not you go directly to voice mail where 99% of the people don't leave a message. The 1% generally have a broken auto dialer & leave a partial message in voice mail.

@mhjohnson @levisan not everyone is calling from a phone with SMS capabilities. The prudent thing to do is not use services you don't like (it's really easy to turn the ringer off and set a voicemail message informing people to text or email if one is that petty.)

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