Most drinks that used to be something tea/cocktail based and are now available ready-to-drink in your local supermarket are lame shadows of their former selves.

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@levisan if you're too lazy to make tea, you don't deserve good tea. Buying bottled cocktails is a cry for help from a desperately lonely, asocial soul.

@jeremiah @levisan no that's buying a bottle and sitting on the couch. Buying bottled pre-made cocktails says you're on the road, the boat, or the beach, and don't have time to find a bartender. It's like Road food

@Klaatu @levisan travel is no excuse for barbarism or laziness. Proper tea and proper cocktails are non-negotiable aspects of a dignified existence.

@levisan If you can’t mix your own Mai Tai or
Long Island you are getting served garbage. If you haven’t brewed your own coffee and sourced beans from various countries perhaps your tastebuds are dead and you don’t deserve better.

@levisan chalk it up to people who are unable to fend for themselves.

For me, one of the more prime examples is yerba mate. Tastes completely different from pre-brewed varieties or even using something like a french press, contrasted with drinking it from a gourd in the traditional style.

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