I wonder: would the type of orthodox Jew that refuses to flip a light switch during the Sabbath (apologies if I'm misinformed) be opposed to telling their Alexa-type device to turn on the lights?

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@levisan verboten under the Shabbat Laws as you’re not allowed to ask someone to do something you’re not allowed to do because it’s Shabbat.

@PhoneBoy @levisan could you ask someone to have a drink for you in your place? Or is that a no no?

It depends on the drink. Don’t try and get brewed coffee on Shabbat (though you can get instant).

@dustinthewind @levisan

@levisan @PhoneBoy @dustinthewind from this conversation I get the feeling that orthodox Jews consider Alexa a "person" or at least somehow bound to God's legal expectations? Why would that be?

@willcodeforcoffee @PhoneBoy @dustinthewind it sounds like a fascinating conversation to have with an expert over dinner or something… on a Sunday of course.

My initial question was prompted by noticing a major camera/tech store in NYC founded and run by a Jewish duo actually shuts down their e-commerce from 9pm Friday to 9pm Saturday so they don’t have any financial transactions during that time, even though it is a fully automated e-commerce system!

The times will vary depending on when the sun actually sets, but yeah, that sounds like B&H Photo.

@levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind

@PhoneBoy @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind These rules need an update for the information technology age, and another one after the coming AI age.

> Thus, the fridge light should be disconnected before Shabbat by unscrewing the bulb slightly and a freezer whose fan is activated when the door is opened may not be used.

So, the fridge can't do any turning on and off of lights for you?

@PhoneBoy @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind
When I'm doing allowed browsing (but not touching my shopping cart) at B&H Photo on the Sabbath, am I speaking to the server instead of writing? It looks like writing in the search box, to me.

Maybe. Whatever the case, I’m sure what the guys from B&H Photo are doing was signed off by their rabbi. That’s generally how this works (at least according to my Orthodox boss) 😬

@progo @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind

@PhoneBoy @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind it's easy to call all these rules silly, but I understand the intent of resetting your mind and body every week.

I don’t argue with the Shabbat laws, even if their application varies from person to person. We could all use with a weekly reset.

@progo @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind

Correct, you cannot “ask” someone (or something) to do work for you on the Shabbat. See also Shabbos Goy:

@progo @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind

@levisan they would be opposed, same way you can’t ask someone else to turn off a light for you.

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