I work as the sole Dude Named Ben for the largest homeschooling authority in Alberta, Canada.

If anyone is curious how things work here, or is interested in giving it a try, I can explain and point you to further resources. Just ask!

@levisan Yes please! What LMS do you use? What is the minimum download and upload homes need? What are you using for backups? Who does the training for teachers, only you? Thank you, eh!

@spaceopossum Interesting questions! We actually don't do much of the direct teaching ourselves and thus don't use an LMS… Only a small percentage (I think <10% of the ~5000 current students) of our students get (a portion) of their education via our staff. And that's done via live online "classrooms" (audio-only so relatively low bandwidth). The teachers who do that are vetted by an in-house process.

@levisan Ah, I see, audio does make it easier.
So do they use other resources like Khan academy and youtube?
What are the major IT issues you come across?

@spaceopossum in the end, it all boils down to what the parents want to do, but platforms like Khan Academy are quite popular, especially with older kids.
My time is spent mostly maintaining hardware for the staff and tiny 3-classroom school and the website. My current new project is building a knowledgebase/resource library for staff and families… and we're hoping to start a podcast in the new year, which will be a fun change of pace

@levisan A podcast would be epic! As I plan to do this in rural South America and Haiti as textbooks and resources are limited.
A knowledge base as in how to teach and such or general school knowledge like math, geo, etc?
What platform do you use for your website, Wordpress or ?

@spaceopossum so far in our brainstorming, the basic podcast idea will be interviews with "seasoned" homeschoolers, discussing strategies, resources, and that kind of stuff. And it'll be part of the knowledgebase as well! The goal being that we might not have precise instructions on how to do everything, but we can point people where to get it. (The website is powered by Joomla.)

@levisan Wow, sweet! That kind of insight will be vital for the Spanish speaking in the US and those in South of the Border as the indoctrination is strong there as well and all US influenced.
Looking forward to your podcast!
Also, any insight on Joomla over wordpress?

@spaceopossum Joomla wasn’t my choice but I’ve learned to love it. It definitely doesn’t have the same level of “developer community” building plugins but it sure can do more out of the box and seems to be built with more of a general purpose use in mind

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