Giving gifts with arbitrary rules attached to them is totally something my dad does and I'm sure I've complained for it but now I totally do it myself and I'm not sorry

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@levisan My favorite when someone asks to borrow one of my books is begin to hand it to them and then when they grasp it, I keep my grip, look them in the eyes, and say, "Do not read this in the bathroom."

One guy actually let go and realized he was unworthy of my book.

I am pleased to report no one has asked to borrow a book in years, which is just how I like it.

That said, I will buy a case of a book I like and will hand them out freely. 😂

@KingCombaticus Reading in the bathroom is a practice that I've never been able to understand. @levisan

@HiroProtagonist @KingCombaticus As a kid, I'd keep a novel in the bathroom cupboard so I couldn't be caught bringing it with me (and thus stalling getting chores done or something)

@levisan Kinda like the kid hiding a book/mag under his shirt ... naughty!



100%. Magazine? Fine. But not my books. That's why I avoid library books, lol. Yeah, I know I may be more than a little uptight about it, but people are just terrible. 😜


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