Sometimes, I just can't wrap my mind around the idea that some people think churches shouldn't be beautiful.

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@levisan Do you mean all the plain, concrete, modernist pieces of crap that have been built since 1950? Not only are they ugly, they are uninspiring and do nothing to uplift the spirit.

@VeddyBadAng @levisan long ago, churches were built by people with skills in things like masonry and carpentry. They put their talents into the churches, and expanded their talents as they built the church.

Now, many churches don’t have the expansive skilled labor pool to actually build the church. They have to meet codes and have professionals brought in.

One church I think of in particular had 900 people show up for an evening Sunday service 100 years ago. Now they have 35 a week show up.

The Church of the Good Shepherd. My father, the oldest, and myself the youngest both had our First Communion here as well as family weddings and funerals. I still think it is one of the most beautiful churches I've seen.

@Smeeagain @levisan Beautiful church! I love the Romanesque arches - you don’t see that much in the US.

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