Why don't we, instead of making pedestrians step down off the sidewalk to street level and navigate around puddles, have the sidewalk stay level and make the cars have to slow for a speed hump?

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@levisan they do that in a few places in Edmonton. They do it in Sylvan Lake too, on Lakeside Drive.

@willcodeforcoffee haha my thought was inspired by a neighbourhood in Edmonton that had some

I have seen that in a few cases - generally to ensure cars are going slowly through an area.

There are some issues I can think of...
(1) humps reduce drainage & cause more ponding near them
(2) having the sidewalk and area next to a home above the road level allows for "street flooding" while protecting those nearby homes. I saw that A LOT in the Houston TX area and in a FEW places outside of Los Angeles CA.
(3) A curb helps prevent a car from hitting pedestrians on the sidewalk.

@mhjohnson I hadn’t thought of the the drainage issue. I guess we don’t need much of that here most of the time (only during the spring melt and the odd thunderstorm) so I didn’t think of it.

Here is a California example. Mountain Ave in Upland CA.,-1
It should come up in street view and you can see...
- a small concrete barrier to push water back onto the street on the downhill side of this driveway
- a little farther south are three large drains under the curb. These are here to take water upstream above the railroad tracks, run it under the tracks, and then back onto the street below the tracks.
This is for rain you might get once or twice a year.

@mhjohnson ah, interesting! This is a bit different from what I was visualising…
My thought is having actual road crossings, like the one in this photo in my town (instead of an entrance to a parking lot) actually be raised, encouraging drivers to actually slow down _before_ the intersection

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