@shill @MrsShill any idea what the best source of travel information would be for a Canadian that lives in Vancouver and is wondering if they'd be able to enter the US, drive to SEA, and then fly out internationally (for school) from there? I've found stuff on about flying in but not driving…

(asking for a friend, actually)

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@NoBeret @shill @MrsShill this the Canada/USA border ditch 5 minutes from where he and I grew up…

@shill @NoBeret @MrsShill I wonder if "Individuals traveling to attend educational institutions" includes traveling to schools outside of the US

@levisan @NoBeret @MrsShill meaning, how would they know you're not traveling to visit and american educational institution?

@shill @NoBeret @MrsShill presumably they'd want to see some kind of acceptance letter or something as proof?

@levisan @NoBeret @MrsShill I highly doubt it, but I'm sure you could find one laying around your house (internet)

@shill @NoBeret @MrsShill on top of that I think "individuals with valid travel documents will be exempted" on the embassy page might mean if you show you've got a ticket for flying out of Sea-Tac you're good

@levisan @shill @MrsShill @Grimericano @Gramerica Darren & Graham have travelled into the US a couple times. Maybe they have some info?

@levisan @MrsShill I'd have to verify. But I think you can enter the US and fly as usual. The harder bit is getting back into cuckistan. The other option is to pull a trudeau and pretend to be Haitian (watch for mounted border patrol)

@shill @MrsShill Ha!
My thoughts are he could fly home from school in 🇳🇱 directly to 🇨🇦 . But with the new rules announced today, he'd have to get vaccinated before he can fly back to school, unless hopping the border works.

@levisan @shill @MrsShill I'm in the same boat. You still can't drive across for non-essential travel until the US decides to open. You can still fly but as of October 30th, you have to be vaccinated to depart from a Canadian airport...

@shill @levisan @MrsShill you need to show proof like a letter from your employer and it's ultimately up to the officer to decide

@shill @levisan @MrsShill probably easier to find someone to have a "business meeting" with in the US to put in the letter. NA meetup could be seen as essential medical treatment for amygdalas 😆

@shill @levisan @MrsShill I think the meetup excuse could actually work lol A Canadian producer going to the US to meet with US producers of a US show sounds like business travel to me... Essential No Agenda business!

@Babad @shill @MrsShill I almost want to ask my mom (US/Canadian dual citizen) to drive over to their nearest crossing (a tiny one, not even open 24/7) and ask in person for what will/might work and what the chances are

@shill @levisan @MrsShill I looked into this but thet require some kind of proof like a letter from an employer and it's ultimately up to the officer to decide

@Babad @levisan @shill @MrsShill I hear some people are resorting to "business" authorization papers or something.
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