How do you spell grey/gray?

TIL the etymology of "greyhound" isn't connected to the colour.

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@mrmcmayhem @levisan that’s the basic etymology as I understand it. I always think of the person using gray as a person who uses ain’t. It helps to identify the group you’re among.

@mrmcmayhem @levisan no/nah “I’m good”/“I’m well” yeah/yes thanks man/thank your sir

It’s just a signal. It’s no different from “In the morning”, except it’s likely unconscious.

@mrmcmayhem @levisan I see sowell quoted a lot, but I haven’t started paying attention to him yet.

@levisan I got the 78 myself when I bought a gramophone. It was never reissued. The 78 pressings are all you'll find. The stuff that gets lost, I tell you. And the stuff that remains, boy howdy

@levisan UK vs US English.

How do you spell

@levisan This is a British vs. American thing. As a Canadian, I use British spellings, mostly.

@mpjgregoire Same… I didn't know of the difference until I was collaborating on a website and got very confused when my colour variables weren't working

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