It really shouldn't be policy for package delivery services to leave things in plain view from the street. If I wanted to, I could just walk across the street and take the nice-looking Amazon-branded box of my neighbour's stoop.

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@levisan Stores should not leave all that stuff on shelves too. I can just load up a cart and walk out.

@RandomDaemon at least many have some level of security measures to stop or discourage that from happening

@levisan Luckily, we still all pretty much live in a society.

@ReadyKilowatt Yeah, thankfully that is true. Still, I'm glad I work from home and my shipments aren't sitting there all day.

@levisan Thats why Jeff Bezos is watching you through your neighbour's Ring Doorbell.

@willcodeforcoffee My first thought when I read this was that the reason one of his eyes is so big is because he's always watching through a peep-hole.

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