Well I guess I can’t use the “letting someone who needs it more” excuse much longer and I’m kinda surprised any IRL friends haven’t asked yet.

What’s the next best excuse?

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@levisan Why do you need an excuse? It's your private medical information. If they tell you their vaccination status, tell them you didn't want to know their dick size. Personal health information should stay personal.
@djsumdog @levisan i think ill tell stores do you want to see how my dick is too? just leave me fuck alone and let me shop

@levisan tell them you are in the non vaccinated control group for the stage three clinical trials that are currently under way. You are doing your part to further the scientific research for this experimental vaccine.

@willcodeforcoffee I need to start using wappie in normal speech and see if anyone asks about it

@levisan as an English speaker I feel something like racist guilt saying it. I suppose it is derogatory in Dutch anyways.

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