I stumbled across an iOS app for Mastodon that I hadn't seen before so I thought I’d try it out.

Hmm, broken.

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@levisan Hmm....I wonder what the app store guidelines are that keep it from being supported?

@jbstrick @levisan That would appear to be a restriction instituted by the developer and not the app store itself.

@levisan I would reply back a d ask what guidelines, specifically they are adhering to.

@levisan @jbstrick That's not the app store guidance though is it? It's the app itself that is restricting the instance?

@KellyS @jbstrick Correct, unless the App Store told the developer that they needed to have a block-list of instances in order to get approved (which doesn't make sense as there are other apps that work with NAS just fine) it's the developer trying to hide that it's their fault!

@levisan @jbstrick I can't see the App store telling the developer that.

@KellyS @levisan the developer told me directly it was his decision on what instances were blocked or not. At that point I just dropped it and made my review a 1 star.

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