From an astrophysics perspective, is there a reason/explanation for the lunar month being kinda in sync with Earth's orbital period, or the Moon's rotation and orbit being at the same rate, other than random chance or something like that?

@levisan Yeah, the moon is tidally locked to the Earth. I know the term and the definition sounds like a no-brainer, but the definition for this type of orbital relationship had to start somewhere

@levisan as for lunar months, they were defined by the observations of the moon.

@levisan Ya.. 2 reasons... one is that the moon is a chunk of the earth from a very early collision.
And 2 it doesn't really rotate around the earth, they rotate around each other, but mass determines the center of rotation so it's inside the earth if I remember right. So that causes 2 bodies to synchronize over time.

The Moons rotation being the same as Earth's orbit would make since if the Moon was ejected from Earth in a massive collision long ago.

@levisan Moon's size (or distance from Earth) is just right to create perfect solar eclipses. That's a pretty huge coincidence. It has shaped cultures and beliefs. If the Moon didn't create perfect solar disk covering eclipses, our history could be different.

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