Re: @adam's recommendation of Nextcloud... anyone else have experience? Pros/cons? Advice? Suggested reading?

I would just like to explore what it is and can do and how well it works for what it does.

@levisan @adam short answer: very versatile, if you don't mind admin-ing it a bit. It brought me a long way toward dumping Google

@reliant @adam I'm all for having to do admin-ing if I can dump the big names and become more tech-independent.

@levisan @adam
For me it has replaced:
Google Drive
Google Contacts
Google Calendar
Google Photos (work in progress)

And I know that they have a somewhat rudimentary GDocs but I don't have anyone else on my server to collaborate with, so I just use LibreOffice.

It is VERY satisfying to be in control of my destiny, so to speak.

@levisan @adam the only thing I worry about now is if my house were to burn down or something. Shifting the security onto oneself can be a little harrowing

@reliant @levisan @adam You should have a 3-2-1 backup strategy but tbh, that's hard to do and can get pretty expensive. I've set it up to back up to BackBlaze before.

@reliant I suppose the next step would be to find a friend or two to have a offsite backup stored at

@levisan @adam ownCloud/nextcloud has a history of people losing all their data randomly. From what I understand it's not very well written. I tried it briefly. Syncthing works really well. I want to transition more of my stuff off MEGA and Dropbox into Syncthing.

Always remember any syncing app can always screw up. Make regular backups.

@djsumdog @adam @levisan Just to be clear. Syncthing is also self hosted and doesn't guarantee any more security than Nextcloud might. Backup. Backup. Backup.

@levisan @adam same. Would like to know more. I think they have a free trial

@levisan I am a fan of my Synology NAS. There is a cloud function with DDNS that enables you to host and sync your files on a local server. I have mine in my house, enabled with DDNS. Works great. YEah, I’m dependent on Synology, but I physically own the server and have the files 20 feet from where I work.

@FezzyWhig I got my parents to buy one years ago just for backup stuff and didn't realise what all it can do.
I agree, I'd be totally fine being dependent on them because my data would stay on my property!

Looked into a tutorial on using it. While the instructions were good , still above my level- for now. Mean time I'll prob get a synology, and learn the nextcloud stuff for a later date


@levisan I've used Nextcloud a long time. Installed, uninstalled, gone back to it, etc. It's an excellent product. Just make sure you have good backups if you use it exclusively.

@marktwo @levisan Any reccomended NextCloud hosting? I live in an area where they frequently test the earthquake machine and drop tsunami bombs.

@marktwo @levisan Thanks. There's a couple of Swiss ones at least... Will look into them.

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