Our clothes-dryer recently started acting funny and before we could find a person willing to come check it out with all the coronadrama (this was back in April?) we happened across a free one of slightly worse age/quality.

What should we do with the broken one?

@levisan There are two main functions in a clothes dryer: Motor rotation and air heater.

The motor is good for those who tinker...

The drum can sometimes be turned into a fire pit/container...

@levisan take it apart for a spare parts and use it for other projects that would be my vote.

@levisan Depends on the brand and if it's gas or Electric.
If it's Electric it is less likely to be worth fixing.

@RoboftheVolcano I never thought of that, but it makes sense. It's electric so...

@levisan if its not a high quality unit its probably not worth fixing.
Unless you are hand and can fix it yourself, lots of cheap parts on ebay if you are.

@levisan Have you opened it up and taken a look? Mine broke recently, and the only thing wrong was a bolt holding the blower motor in place. Some blue locktite and an allen key and it's good as new.

@BillHartnett All I've been able to figure out is that it's one of the parts involved in keeping things stable as it turns. I suppose I should take a longer look at things when I have the time

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