TIL I (or someone acting in my name) could, as a former US citizen, participate in voter fraud

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@levisan Did you actually renounce your US citizen (does your new nation now allow dual?)

I don't think there are any databases connecting citizenship status to voter registration since that's such a rare occurrence.

The problem with this election is NOT voter fraud. Fraud by voters is not very significant and falls well outside the "margin of fraud"

What's happening right now is Election Fraud, it's happening in organized ways, possibly by independent groups, and at a much larger scale.

@djsumdog I suppose, considering how rare the situation is, it makes sense that I wasn’t automatically un-registered to vote when my formal renunciation was approved in 2018. (Ironically, I got the paperwork confirming everything was taken care of in the mail on Independence Day.)
I was born in Canada, and registered as a dual citizen. I voted by mail in 2012, but no longer have access to the address so I don’t know what, if anything, happened with my ballot this time.

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