I am very much looking forward to Instagram not being the social network of choice among a large segment of people that I like to keep up with.


These networks whither and die after a few years. I don't know why they don't just build in a self-destruct mechanism.

@levisan Instagram is the one major social network I've stuck with for a while, but lately it's just non-stop nagging about the election. Not from other users, but from Instagram itself! Last week I removed the app from my phone. After Nov. 3, maybe I'll reconsider. My efforts to move friends and family into the Fediverse have been met with resistance.

@curt @levisan never download the app , I view it thru the browsers and it has no ads but the algorithm sucks I only look at pictures of weed

@Skizzle420 @levisan Ha! They tweaked the algorithm again just recently, and it's almost completely worthless at this point. I mostly use Instagram to share travel photos with family and friends, but if they're not going to see them, what's the point?

@Skizzle420 @curt @levisan I also only view socnets thru a browser. I feel I have better control over tracking and whatnot.

@curt Here in Canada, the app keeps reminding us to wear a mask and such. It's understandable but annoying.

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