Updated this with a video my brother sent me about why cars rarely crash into buildings in the Netherlands.

@levisan I found that video pushed in my youtube feed last week. All the speedbumps and roundabouts everywhere can be pretty annoying also. I still remember the days without all that crap. It was much more fun driving.

From my own experience driving in the US and Canada, I always noticed people never bother to look anywhere but forward when the light goes green. Here it's actually part of the exam to check left and right first. Also using mirrors a lot because of bikes. It probably also helps.

@MartinJJ yeah, that’s a good point about lights. Here we are definitely taught that it the light is green, you don’t have to check anything! It can be scary sometimes.

@levisan As you also see in the video, many of them driving into buildings are often caused by other people suprising or hitting them. They usually not simply drive off the road by distraction. In the Netherlands the main cause usually is drunk and very fast driving, missing the corners, hitting speedbumps. Or just ploughing straight over roundabouts. Nothing is perfect when it comes to road design.

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