Was looking for a simplified variant of chess for teaching to kids as an introduction and then I found this and I want to play every single one

@levisan Somewhere I have the pieces of whats left of my vintage Strato Chess 3D set. That was a fun one we'd play in college. So many chess variants out there.

@levisan @Klaatu Kids are smart and can learn chess faster than you think.

@Klaatu I'm highly considering buying this. Looks like a lot of fun!

@levisan My problem was the levels are plastic plates with a lone central screw in each one to the aluminum S frame. You can disassemble it to put it away but over the many years the screw tension needed to keep the plates from moving cracks them in half. I could never find a super glue to weld the 2 halfs back together that held the bond.

So don't overtighten the screws and leave it out as table or shelf sculpture & it should last decades.

I love "Ploy" which was printed afaict once by 3M. Found it at a yard sale. I feel too inadequate playing standard chess. Everyone I've taught Ploy to enjoyed it after an hour.

Difficulty: board and pieces don't match any other game I know. But you could fabricate it with Velcro dots, paper, glue, and sharpies.

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