If anyone has a hardware suggestion for analogue->digital video conversion, now would be a great time to share them.

Gotta get the childhood family videos in a viewable format one of these days.

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Just a suggestion, one of the products from ClearClick or DigitNow
You can see the different price points. The higher cost items ($90-$140) write to an SD card or USB drive (must be high speed writes) and generate MP4 files. The low cost ones ($30) have a USB 2.0 for your PC / Mac if it has suitable recording software.

There are also companies that record tape to DVD for about $20 / tape if you only have a few.

@mhjohnson sweet, thanks!

My parents have at least 15 years of stuff, including a video of their wedding in ‘89, that they ask about every time I visit. Between my skills and the price of the device, it’s totally worth me spending a weekend or two and reliving my childhood.

Just note the reviews - one of the devices has an "auto stop" that sometimes triggers if there is a gap in the recording (e.g., if you record more than one event on a single tape). If that's the case with your tapes - that device may be more trouble than it's worth.

@mhjohnson @levisan Years ago a camera shop in the Chicago Loop was charging $15 for a VHS to DVD conversion. After a couple of tests worked I gave him a whole box. Came out decent - ripped them to MP4s and pulled out a few things but largely haven’t touched the rest.

@levisan There are services that can even transfer 8mm films for you. Some can get pricey, and for a while 1 was radio advertising you send them a box of media & they digitize it all for you.

Hardware is getting cheaper and smaller than in the past. I think I saw a $20 dongle that does baseband video (yellow RCA plug) on the fly to USB 3 port. I got some older ones & a pci card in another old computer that I never got around to using. The player is the key now. NTSC always looks bad anyway

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