Does anyone know of a way to contact the awesome producer behind I'm trying to figure out the best way to get some shipped up to the Candanavian tundra

@levisan I know him personally, but you should be able to communicate with him via the site, right?

@bylcameron @levisan sounds like he's a "I don't talk to nobody" person. No contact method listed on the site.

"Sir Boiled Peanut"?

@progo @bylcameron I still get physical spam at my four-addresses-ago address (where a friend now lives) thanks to not knowing that

@bylcameron do you think you could let him know that there's a Canadian willing to help figure out the best way to get badges sent up here and what the postage costs would be?

Sending them to Canada is probably the next-cheapest location to send to, after sending within the US. I'm guessing that many Canadian producers would jump on it, if it were a bit simpler to figure out (as the instructions are currently somewhat vague).

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