@levisan Bonehead move.

Hopefully it's in his contract that they can't censor him.

Either way, he should have started his own platform, far, far away from .

@STACKS exactly on all three points.

Probably a good move for his wallet, at least in the short term. Based on how bad of an idea I think it was, it was probably a very nice dollar value.

@levisan Disclaimer: I watched him occasionally, never gave him money, and shared him a dozen or two times. Not much of a loss for him, even in aggregate, if you count people like me.

@progo Yeah, same. I subscribe to the audio feed and will listen when the name of the guest is familiar but not much more than that.

@levisan Pretty funny, from what I can gather Curry went on the show and warned Rogan that this kind of shit was happening.

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