We just started on the last roll of toilet paper that we had before the corona-TP-crisis happened back in March.

@RedStagKiller ha! We've got two that are toilet-trained... but we had a surplus of toilet paper thanks to a big Costco haul a few weeks before everything hit the fan

@levisan I feel like I put a new roll on every morning.

@fuknukl We do cloth diapers/wipes for our little human resource, so my wife was suggesting do "family cloth" which is, apparently, a thing


We had a large bag before everyone went nuts and we finally switched to a new bag a few weeks ago I believe. We just bought the new bag as it was the first one we have been able to see on the shelf. We have 4 adults in the house full time + guests.

I guess we had that whole box of corn cobs in the garage for no reason. Come to think of it, I'm putting the cobs in the bathroom and writing 'for guest use only' on the box.

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