It's now been 20 days since I filled out our provincial health care COVID-19 self-assesment, which, based on my symptoms, told me to self-isolate (under threat of fines) until my symptoms go away or they say otherwise. According to the results, I should get tested, so I filled out the form for that.

They have my info, including my health care number (attaching that self-assessment to my records) and I have yet to hear from them.

Either I'm very low priority or they don't actually care.

@levisan Was that self-assesment mandatory, given the possibility of fines? Next time just lie like the rest of them. Obviously you are way to honest. 🤔

@MartinJJ No, it wasn't mandatory. I went through it several times, to experiment.
Possible end results:
- call 911 because you're dying
- you're fine
- give us your contact info so we can confirm and then arrange a test

Maximum possible penalty for me leaving the house: $100,000 Canadian dollarettes.


So you willfully submitted yourself to government tyranny of locking yourself up and possible $100k fines? 😵

That besides them now registering you as a Corona patient. Wich will never go away again from your files 😟

Next you submit and want the government to tell you are ok with even more testing. 😳

Are you trying to be the ultimate slave for the globalists? 🤔

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