If there's one tool that I have found to be beneficial during social distancing, it's Keybase.

While it doesn't have the audio/video calling of others, it has provided the most consistent experience in a messaging platform, with privacy and security as a key focus.

If someone were wanting to move their certain social group to an online system, Keybase is a great option.

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It has a better user experience on all devices than other privacy-minded systems, and has some great non-messaging features like file sharing to round things out.

Last year, I went through all the free secure messaging platforms I could find, and Keybase was one of the three "finalists":

But it's not just about messaging, thanks to the pandemic. This is about replacing part of what's missing now that IRL socialization is limited, and I think Keybase is a good place to start.

Say hi:

Oh, and for you No Agenders, we've got a "team" with 75 members that never ceases to disappoint.

@MarkInNY Nothing other than happy user since very early on (signed up before they had a chat platform and it was just an encryption tool)

@MarkInNY It's better, I say.

- No forcing you to use a phone number
- Better cross-platform-ness (everything can be done on both mobile and desktop, and no requirement to have either)
- More "other" features that Signal doesn't have (Slack-like "teams", file sharing, git hosting, various crypto tools)

It is a bit more geeky for the average joe to figure out, but once set up it's no harder to use.

I haven't had much luck with it yet though is seems interesting. Is too geeky for non-techies, it wants to be installed on multiple devices, wants verification hoops jumped through, talks about "crypto". Also lately it's stopped minimizing to the taskbar (linux) rendering it nearly useless as an IM

@harvhat it's definitely improved on the geekyness thankfully, but yeah, that's the biggest issue I have with it

@levisan Most use I've gotten out of it has been as a dropbox replacement for sharing stuff with myself between my laptop and desktop. Also I got some XLM airdrops near end of last year.

@harvhat The file sharing stuff sure is handy. I like how easy it is to throw something up for public access via

@[email protected]

Last year, I went through all the free secure messaging platforms I could find

Does this include Tox?

@Yhinooma No, it didn't! I'll have to give it a try and add it to the list. It looks promising!

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