@coldacid Gotta live up to the family name!

(It actually means "wider land" in Dutch. My ancestor apparently wanted "wide land"/Breedland but it was already taken.)

@levisan congratulations! Welcome to the world of "you know what causes that?" and other inappropriate questions from strangers.

@timw haha thanks! Being under 30 with 4 kids sure will get some comments so I'm working on my sarcastic responses.

@levisan @timw
Also under 30 with 4 children here.
My wife often gets the "Wow! You have your hands full!".
Her go to response: "Better than empty!" 😂️

@JoshuaRystedt @levisan

We have nine kids. I usually have to explain basic sex concepts to people that don't know how we can have so many kids. They usually get embarrassed when I say "erection" or "intercourse".

If I'm in a hurry, "it's fun, you should try it sometime soon."

Again, congratulations!

@timw @levisan
My go to response for “Don’t you know how that happens?”:
“Yea, we’re really good at it.”

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