Theoretical statement with no intended context:

"If the police are restricting the freedom of the press without valid reason, aiming loaded weapons at unarmed non-hostile civilians, and intentionally disturbing and desecrating religious practices and elements, that is a valid reason to take some form of action in protest."

@wolfspider WOW, I have never heard of this! That's quite the sequence of events.

Meanwhile, the poll was inspired by current events here in Gitmo Nation Great White North:

@levisan Hell of a timeline there! The Democracy Now interview caught me up. I was suspicious of their "traditional" lands claim, but a 1997 Supreme court ruling backs that up. I don't blame them one bit for trying to keep it out! But the corporations power comes from the point of government guns. Not much to be done except for lots of court or lots of bloodshed. They don't have a prayer trying to physically remove them, so it's going to be much court and more of the same unfruitful protesting.

@wolfspider @levisan The good ol Crump machine! It's so nice that we don't have to worry about those corrupt political organizations anymore, eh?😉

@wolfspider @levisan
"As with the beginning of the battle accounts of the end differ: American Heritage states, "In the end, the door of the jail was dynamited and breached. The barricaded deputies—some with injuries—surrendered, and the ballot boxes were recovered."" 💣

@HiroProtagonist @levisan That's what the second amendment is for, so the people can outdo the violence of the state if needed.

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