@ProfWorr It's a standard cucumber-growing glass hothouse with growlights, in the Netherlands (the global leaders in hothouse horticulture). Bro is currently working on a horticulture degree over there.

Oh and the photo wasn't posed, he was logging some kind of data for a project.

@ProfWorr Apparently credit goes to his friend's iPhone 11 for getting the colour so accurately

@levisan never seen cucumbers on the vine, so to speak, the whole thing

@ProfWorr It really is quite cool. They are wound around hanging strings, and when the reach the top (15 feet up) the strings are let out to allow for more room to grow. Only the top/end few feet of the stem will actually produce fruit. In one season (new plants every December) they will grow a total of 45+ feet.

Tomatoes and bell peppers are very similar, though they only grow about 1x the height of the greenhouse instead of 3x.

Our dad had a "small" 10 acre pepper hothouse as the family biz.

@levisan I can tell it’s a sizable operation and they’re thriving

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