Those of you who regularly attend a Christian church service of some type at the same location: do you usually sit in the same place?

Bonus points for replying with your denomination for correlation purposes.

@levisan I wonder if you would get the same results by asking people where they sat in their school cafeteria.

@levisan might be a broader audience too. Most adults went to school, but not most go to Christian services.

@levisan Catholic. (Latin Mass) I sit near statues of saints i like. 😁

@sobercatholic Our parish has too few statues to sit next to a favourite, but we always sit in the pew row that lines up with St Kateri's stained glass window

@levisan methodist, closer to the back with the loud kids

@levisan when I attended church it was Methodist, and I sat in the same place for about a decade until Grandma went to live at the retirement home. Then a bunch of us kids sat in the back row of the balcony.

@levisan Roman-catholic. I live in a small village with a small church. So I have to take the seats I get. If I would be picky, I had to get up earlier on Sundays.

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