So there was that Catholic priest, Father Evan Harkin, who recently committed suicide out of the blue, with no known existing depression or suicidal tendencies.

Now it’s coming to light that he was prescribed a serotonin reuptake inhibitor for intense stomach pain shortly before it happened.

PDF public letter from a contact of his:

So apparently it’s not unheard of to prescribe antidepressants for digestive pain!? Seeing how slowly changes to actual antidepressant dosage is changed because of it can mess with your brain, the short-term use seems rather risky!

Anyone else heard of this kind of thing happening?


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@levisan @adam Try herbs and spices. All chemical medicine derived from them.

@levisan @adam yes.

Stomach bacteria can change moods. Apparently it's one of the body's biggest producers (or receptors?) of seratonin (I think) - source needed - but something like that

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