Thanks to CES reporting, I've realized that I don't get the point of fake food.

If you don't want to eat x, why are you coming up with weird concoctions of stuff to be as similar to x as possible?!

Obviously this is different in the case of when one *can't* eat something, like when you are lactose-intolerant but really want some Weetabix.

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@levisan I guess you are talking about the fake meat as a part of the "climate crisis" scare.

@MartinJJ That's what spurred the thought, but I'd argue that other "fake"/imitation foods are also dumb.

I'd rather come up with an objectively delicious meat-free meal than make something that tries to be as close to a hamburger as possible.

I don't need my tofu to be on a plastic stick and coloured/flavoured to taste like chicken to enjoy it.

I'd rather have no whipped cream on my dessert than fake "whipped topping".

@levisan Of course. Real food will always win. All this is just to brainwash your mind into "factory produced meat" instead of wasting water and grassland on cows. Just like eating bugs. Factory is way more Sustainable, ya know? Over population, not enough food for everyone and more of that Agenda 21 nonsense.

@MartinJJ Exactly!

Dead grasshoppers coated in chocolate will always beat some factory-produced bug-based fake-meat option.

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