If I ever get decommissioned while biking because I'm not wearing a helmet, it's up to you awesome followers to make sure it's not spun into a "helmets should be forced by law" story.

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Decommissioned? I knew you were a replicant. And apparently you’ve learned to ‘bike’ through some aberration of function, ergo you do need to be decommissioned.

@MartinJJ According to a lady interviewed in a recent news story (about new bike laws in a Canadian city not including mandatory helmets), if her son was wearing a helmet when he was 11, he wouldn't have gone through a stop sign and hit by a car, giving him permanent brain damage. Yes, helmets make stop signs work.

@levisan Indeed. You would only need a helmet against leftists who keep hitting you in the head with bullshit. Just get rid of that girl president so you all can start acting like real men again. Chopping trees, watching football, drink beer, burp loud, scratch your asses and bike anywhere while putting up your middlefinger to everyone. Get it? 😎

@levisan what if you get decommissioned while biking unrelated to wearing a helmet, but happen to not be wearing a helmet

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